Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Buzz

Hello people,

This week has been so busy for me, too many activities happening /scheduled to take place simultaneously; lovers making plans for the impending Valentine ’s Day, Players preparing/rehearsing their excuses and loners setting up defense mechanisms to not attract any form of sympathy and all.

Oh well, Valentine's day is the feast of Saint Valentine, celebrated/marked on the 14th of February and is now globally referred to as "lover's day".

Most people participate fully on Valentine's day celebration at their places of work, School, Church, Groups and so on. 

Names are written down on tiny strips of paper and randomly distributed to people in any of the above mentioned categories and gifts are exchanged afterwards on Valentine's day. 

Some couple(s) go on candle-lit dinner dates, shows, church programs, karaoke, Valentine parties and Clubs.

To all the single ladies and men who genuinely do not have partners but would love to hang out, have fun and not feel left out of the whole Valentine senrenre, Y'all are invited to attend the party (In Abuja) below:

To all you food lovers, feel free to call Rhanti Ola (CEO D'ronque Grubs and Finger Foods - located in Abuja) to order for all of your Valentine meals.

You can contact her via her facebook page: HERE or see details below: 

Abuja peeps, another Valentine is here again and D'ronque Concepts is here with another valentine special...
Celebrate love with your spouse, partner, friends, family or that special individual with one or both of our special valentine combos:

Our DELUXE combo is just #2500 and you get a bottle of WINE, 2 samosas, 2 spring rolls, 2 meat ball, 2 lemon spiced oven roasted chicken, 1 peppered snail, 2 stick meats and 4 puff puffs.
Our JUMBO combo is just #5000 and you get a bottle of WINE, 4 samosas, 4 spring rolls, 2 lemon spiced oven roasted chicken, 2 peppered snail, 4 meatballs, 2 stick meats, 2 peppered gizzards and 6 puff puffs.

Offer valid from 10th - 14th February 2014. Free delivery within Lugbe area, Central area, Wuse zones, Wuse II, Maitama, Asokoro, Garki, Kado and Gwarinpa. Please call 08022226437 to place your orders.


KnonyeKouture presents an affordable Valentine Gift Idea that is within a reasonable price range.

Check out KnonyeKouture's ankara customized Polo-Shirts for Him and All types of ankara skirts for Her:

1. Ankara laced polo shirt for Him: 

2. And a Pencil Skirt (With a zipper running from the waist line to the hem line) and Flared skirts) for Her:

Culled from CEO knonyekouture's feature on METROGYPSIE

Culled from Miss Metrogypsie's feature on KnonyeKouture 

For more Valentine gift ideas;

1. Visit my lovely oyinbo sister's blogsite: METROGYPSIE

2. To go all traditional and lovey dovey; visit this lovely down-to-earth lady's foodie blogsite: BEXCOOX

Leave a comment or two for inquires or whatever.

To place an order, send an email with an attachment of your order to: knonyekouture@gmail.com

Like us on Facebook here and follow on twitter @knonyekouture

Have a fabulous weekend.



Bex said...

Awwwwww Nonye I just love you!!!!! hugs hugs hugs!

Thanks for the vals day tips *wink*wink

Me I want ankara skirt o. Can you imagine I have nothing in Ankara? I won't mind an ankara skirt with sequins on it? inbox me how much it will cost and delivery.


Nonye Udeozor said...

Hey Becca,

Thanks alot for responding to my post. *kissssssssssses*

oh no you dont!! really? ok, im going to email you right away.