Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hip Wrapper Style

Most 'about to weds' tend to sell/share their asoebis according to trend. This days, you get to see fabrics like laces, velvet fabrics, ankara, etc being worn to wedding occasions and the likes.

To all the young ladies trying hard to stay chic and hip even after marriage and child birth, here is one great way to rock that wrapper without looking/feeling too old.

My sister and i rocked this outfit at Steph and Omoh's wedding last Saturday (15th June, 2013)

Outfit:            Knonyekouture
Purse:            Hermès/Chanel
Shoes:            Dolce & Gabbana
Wristwatch:   Michael Kors
Costume:       Personal Costume maker

Knonye, Joy and Becky.

Ebele, Joy and Becky.


eby n i

What i wore to AY show last Saturday.