Monday, October 19, 2015

C H E C K E R E D - D E C K E R || P L A I D - C A M P A I G N


Today’s post is all about the fiery red checkered mini dress…

A checkered fabric (also known as Plaid) is one that is marked with variations of squares and colours.

Trendy Plaid Shirt

Red Black White Plaid Fabric

Red Black Plaid Fabric

Whether you adore it or find it a symbol of all things hipster, plaid is one of the most ubiquitous patterns in modern fashion. From Alexander McQueen to Vivienne Westwood, designers adore the cross-hatched pattern and its simultaneously preppy and punk connotations.

This Plaid outfit from KnonyeKouture was inspired by the Christian Dior flirty Pink Dress Rihanna wore to L’Avenue restaurant in Paris. She paired this outfit with pointed white pumps and a Resort 2016 bag.

See picture below:

You can rock the checkered dress to picnics, birthday parties, after ceremony parties and parks.
The checkered dress can be paired with sneakers, pointees, flats, sandals and heels.
See Pictures of the Plaid dress below:

Paired with Sneaker Flats

Trying the outfit out at home

Feel free to order your custom Plaid dress in a short flared pattern.

Photo Credit: Concilia Ifeanyi of @LacoxxyCouture on IG

 To place an order, send an email with an attachment of your order to: or call 08034773728

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