Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Avril - Republic of Benin Tour

Hey Fam,

Last Monday (14-04-14) was a sad day for Nigerians as there was a bomb blast at a car park in Nyanya, Abuja – FCT. May their souls rest in perfect peace, amen.

Ebele and I went to visit our sister Amaka at her school in Porto-Novo, Benin Republic and she took us on a mini tour around the her school, Avakpa, The market and the beach.

It was a fun mini-vacation and we really bonded.

Find pictures below:

Knonye, Eby and Amy

Olivia; Ebele and Amaka

Saint Michael Parish - Archdiocese of Cotonou

Obama Beach

Amaka, Ebele and Oliva



We sure had a great short stay...
Happy Easter Folks!!!


September to Remember...We're engaged!!!

Hey Fam,

Le boo and i are engaged!!!

The actual engagement happened last year when he came down to Abuja, September 5th 2013, but we kept it a secret and finally made the announcement as soon as we decided on our dates; the 22nd of May, 2014 (Introduction day) and 24th May, 2014 (Traditional Marriage).

Engagement ring (5th September 2013)

Read our engagement story below to know how he did it or check out our wedding website here: Nonye-Weds-Nnamdi

On the 4th of September 2013, Nnamdi and i went to the movies (as he was in town for a week) and after the movie, he took me to a lounge in Kado Estate so we could hang out a bit before heading back home. Looking back now, i totally understand why he made that suggestion because i was worried it was getting late (almost midnight) and we were still out. 

After we settled in and ordered our drinks/meal, He turned to me and asked why i stopped wishing him 'happy anniversary' every 5th of every new month (my little ritual since we started dating on a 5th) and i explained that it was getting old and i was tired of having to explain myself every time to friends and family so i stopped.

He then  told me i was the love of his life and should never have to explain us to anyone (by the that time, it was a few minutes past midnight - 5th September, 2013) and then he went down on one knee and asked me if i would marry him!!! OMG!!! I remember choking on the food in my mouth, closed my eyes and kept mumbling; right in the middle of indomie!!!" and then he asked if it was a yes and then i said "YES'!!!
I love you always my Prince-charming.