Monday, April 22, 2013


Our Dear Ada Ubah got married on the 20th of April and here’s what I did with the fabric she gave me for her wedding.

I decided to make a 6 piece flowing dress with a single godet behind. I added the bright blue lace to the top of the dress to give it a different look.


Single front/back view

@Chichi Eze looking Fab in her Ghanaian print Fabric. Xx.

@Super_Chika rocking @knonyekoutre ‘s patched gathered skirt design. She sure looks great. Thanks DIVA. *muah*

 @Knonye after Mass. “Church Geh toh badt”.  Rocking two Ankara combo dress and a blazer.

@Sophia looking Gorgy in her Ankara/Chiffon dress. Rock on Hun.