Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Knot Wrapper Style (The Lily Wrap Dress) + Tips on How to tie

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The #TiffanyAmber #LilyTwist inspired wraps have come to stay.
Coincidentally,  the brand’s signature piece, the dress inspired the new #Wrap and blouse in trend at the moment. No event is complete these days without this flattering, chic and sophisticated look.

The fabric (wrap- which could be silk, chiffon or velvet) is worn under a frontal cowl or regular round neck top (short-sleeved or elbow-length chiffon or silk) tucked in and wrapped delicately around to form an inverted knot which gives it an elegant finish.

This piece is a must-have because it flatters all body shapes.

The “Lily Wrap” Dress by Tiffany Amber

The wrapper has made a major comeback in Naija weddings (and other events) this year, with both people tying their george wrappers, velvet, ankara etc in the style, and designers making them as well.

Check out knonyekouture's first knot wrapper style:

Name:             Nonye Udeozor
Outfit:            KnonyeKouture
Neckpiece:       Zara  (Metrogypsie)
WristWatch:    Michael Kors

Here’s How To Tie
What You Need: Wrapper of any fabric. Length of fabric depends on your size and how long you want the wrapper to be.
Step 1: Hold ends of wrapper in each hand.
Step 2: Move the ends to opposing sides.
Step 3: Do a double twist from one end to the other.


Step 4: Tie at the back.
Step 5: Tuck in any loose ends.
and you’re good to go!




culled from:
Bella Naija

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That Nigerian Girl said...

Very nice, been looking for tutorial on this, thanks very much

Nonye Ude-Obianwu said...

You welcome.