Monday, June 10, 2013



At the mention of ‘Oleku’, what automatically comes to mind is “tell me something wey I no fit do’…LOL. "Oleku" is an Afrobeat song by the Nigerian rapper and recording artist Ice Prince, who released it late in 2010 as his third single overall

But I recently found out that the famous short-sleeved Buba and short Iro is also known as ‘oleku’ and it is back in vogue. 
The Oleku trend is now back, and in style and there are now different lovely blends of fabrics; some ladies use Ankara, some Adire, and occasionally we get to see Oleku in Aso Oke.  It can be simple without extra touches, while some ladies prefer the one with embroidery around the Buba neck and sleeves.   Traditionally, the iro (wrapper) stops right above the knee; gele (head-tie) may complement the look.  No matter what fabric or colour blend you employ, your Oleku can only have one outcome-elegance!  Oleku fashion is here, and it’s here to stay.
I love the style but have been very hesitant to make it for a while now but my friend and client recently 'challenged me to make her the famous ‘oleku’ for a traditional wedding so here goes:

Lily, ijay and the bride Tolu
Katie Ebinum (Left) 

kate ebinum trying her outfit out.

watch out for more pictures of the lovely oleku outfit.

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