Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Adieu Nicole Opeyemi Adedeji

When my friend sent me a direct message via twitter, asking if it was true that ‘my friend Nicole was dead’, I replied “babe, that’s total b.s. Nicole can’t be dead”. But I went ahead and made inquires and then discovered you were truly gone.
To think that the last time we hung out for long was on the 25th of August 2012, at a mutual friend’s Nikai (Muslim marriage), where I told you about the fashion school I enrolled in and you encouraged me greatly and told me I’d go places.
The circumstances surrounding your death isn’t still truly clear to me but after visiting your mom and seeing how strong she was, I realized that I had to be strong too because you would want us to be strong for one another.
You were one extremely intelligent and mature lady...Very smart, beautiful, fashionable, and full of life. You were never afraid to voice your opinion or get into an argument or join any peaceful demonstration to help our country.
I can’t believe I’m writing a tribute about you...i always thought we'd write about other people, pay our respects and move on. *sad*
The world will definitely miss you. Your family and friends, especially Marian would miss you and I’ll miss you always my dearest friend.  Rest in God's warm and loving embrace Opeyemi Nicole Adedeji. Xx.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Strapless dresses - 2013 post

The strapless Ankara dresses are popularly worn to events like weddings, cocktails, picnics and work (Worn with a blazer). Find below lovely strapless ankara dresses with fancy zippers in front, behind or at the side. The versatility, the colours and the patterns have given rise to so many possibilities.

random strapless floral dress by @knonyekouture

 cousin's wedding at asaba. (The Ueeozor girls). all dressed by @knonyekouture. congrats sis. *hugs*

<--------brown dress: wyre's wedding asoebi made by @knonyekouture.

fifty shades of grey...oh well, brown_floral_strapless_dress. ☺

picture with eke buggy.....vivian's trads marriage in anambra state. *whew* onto the next one.

@Horlah 's strapless floral dress. #perfectFit. #barbiegirlreloaded. #muah

amaka udeozor rocking a strapless 'jumping horse" print dress.

 @teenarpayne 's dress.