Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Holiday Weekend...3

The Holiday Weekend III
...Continued from episode II

Dress by knonyekouture (pre-wedding picture)

Woke up quite late(because i slept off at past midnight) thanks to the plenty food and drinks and the party gurus. My sister and i got dressed and headed out to the church for the nuptials and then the reception.

10:8:13 – White Wedding

The Atrium – PH City

Knonye's attire:
Dress:  KnonyeKouture
Shoes:  Bakers   
Headpiece: Random Store
WristWatch: Michael kors
Purse: Gift 

Bride Cindy Ajoku

Knonye and Amaka Udeozor(Sisters)


Amaka Udeozor(She caught the bouquet by the way)

Top left: Cynthia II; Ekeoma; Knonye and Guest.
Top Right: Esther; Ekeoma; Knonye;Cynthia I and Cynthia II

The Bride (Cindy Ajoku) and her Bridal train.
left to right: Denye; bridesmaid two; Uche; bridesmaid four; Nneka; Bride; Onyinye; Applebum; Chiamaka;bridesmaid ten and bridesmaid eleven.

The bouquet went from the bride to my lovely sister Amaka. youre next!!!

Knonye and Amaka Udeozor

Knonye and Amaka Udeozor

Pamela and Cheekarh Ajoku; ZuluTag. Mummy Ajoku.

Knonye and Ekeoma

Knonye ; Ekeoma; Cynthia II and Guest.


Mr. and Mrs. obuoforibo

Bride (from behind)

Bottom picture: Knonye's namesake: Nonye

The bride changed into a very lovely flowing gold sequined dress by @Tiannahstyling (instagram handle).

Bride and her Chief bridesmaids: Onyinye and Nneka.
Mr. and Mrs. Obuoforibo.

The End.

The Holiday Weekend...2

The Holiday Weekend II

We took off to Port-Harcourt City early today to rest, make our hair, fix our nails, check up on the hall decorations and attend Cindy's Bridal Shower. yippie!!!

9:8:13 – Bridal Shower (Hen night)
Old GRA – PH City
Theme: A touch of Pink/Black

Fancy cakes and masks

My sister and I.(Amaka Udeozor)

Bride Cindy; sister Cynthia and Friend Amaka.

Friends of the bride(Denye; Onyinye; Nneka; Applebum and Bride)

Friends of the Bride

Amaka and Cynthia


10:8:13 - Lamborghini Lounge - PHC

Getting set to hit the club.

Amaka; Cynthia; Knonye and Ekeoma

Amaka Udeozor

Cynthia II; Pamela; Cynthia I; Cheekarh and Knonye.

To be continued in the subsequent post…

The Holiday Weekend 1...

The Holiday Weekend!!!

The Federal Government of Nigeria declared Thursday and Friday (8th and 9th of August, 2013) as Sallah holiday and it coincided with my bff’s sister’s traditional and white wedding days so I took FULL advantage.

In this post, you would see all kinds of attire (Not all made by knonyekouture) people (family and friends) wore to Cindy and Andy’s wedding. They varied from sequins, Velvet and gele to laces, silk and more sequins. 

You can revert to the preceding post to learn more about the origin and types of velvet, lace and sequins fabric  HERE


8:8:13 – Traditional wedding day
Egbu – Owerri Village

Knonye's attire:
outfit:     KnonyeKouture
Gele:     Headgear Artist
Makeup:  Denye (Makeup Artist)


Traditional marriage Poster for Andy and Cindy

The Bride (Cindy Ajoku)

The Bride (Cindy Ajoku) and sisters (left to right)
Pamela; Cynthia;Cindy;Peace and Cheekarh

The Bride (Cindy Ajoku) and her Asoebi ladies (Fabulous)

The bride; going to daddy Ajoku to be given the traditional palm wine and then proceed on her search for hubby….


Andy and Cindy(couple)

Cynthia Ajoku

Ekeoma Okwunakwe

C.E.O. KnonyeKouture (Nonye Udeozor)

C.E.O. KnonyeKouture (Nonye Udeozor) and Cynthia Ajoku

Nneka (Brides bff 1)

Chiamaka and Nneka (Bride's friends)
C.E.O. KnonyeKouture (Nonye Udeozor) and Ekeoma Okwunakwe

Knonye; Cynthia and Ekeoma

C.E.O. KnonyeKouture (Nonye Udeozor)

 C.E.O. KnonyeKouture (Nonye Udeozor);Ekeoma Okwunakwe & Friend.

To be continued in the subsequent post…