Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Day one (Tuesday) 
Trip to Okpe Kingdom for Ibukun Fashanu's wedding (official)
6-day vacation for Ibukun Fashanu's wedding.
Floral dress by knonyekouture - UMI factory

Bukky, Linda, Barbara and i took off to Okpe from our office at 11:00hrs.
Shortly after we arrived, showered and ate, we went over the plans/tasks for the week/weekend with the directors (my task was to assign some guests to the available chalets/rooms) and by the way, I recently had my Mtn ported to Etisalat and I'm stuck in this village for almost one week without service/internet. Oh boy! This is gonna be my personal #BBA experience *teeth*

Day two(Wednesday)
We had a meeting with the bosses, and were given various tasks for the day. We had breakfast right after the meeting (scrambled eggs, bread and tea).
Most of their family (and friends) members arrived today and were shown around and taken to their rooms respectively.

UMI- factory



Day three (Thursday)
The arrival of guests

My rooms are good to go. My first two guests arrived at 16:00hrs and i showed them to their rooms and waited for the others. I had breakfast at the club house - scrambled eggs, bread/butter and a cup of tea, thanks to our wonderful chef; Akwash. Later in the day, i checked up on my cleaning ladies and then i had basmati rice, curry potato sauce and chicken for lunch at the clubhouse buffet. *pats stomach*
A live band was scheduled to play later at night but I was terribly exhausted to I went straight to bed. *yawns*

Dress - knonyekouture
Sandals - New look
Sling bag - nameless

Necklace - Forever21

Lindsay, Barbz and I

UMI factory


floral dress back and front view

i made a similar design for my bff @snazzy_lady (top left corner). Xx

Day four (Friday)
Traditional marriage ceremony
Got up quite early, checked in on my guests and discovered some of the rooms had plumbing issues so I contacted a plumber and had it fixed. *yayy me!* had breakfast - Fried plantain, baked beans, scrambled eggs and sausage rolls:

And then headed back to the estate to shower and change into my 'asoebi'.

Outfit -          Knonyekouture
Shoes -         Dolce & Gabbana
Sling bag -    same as Wednesday
Wristwatch - fossil
Earrings -     Charlotte Russe
Bracelet -     Opia
Make up -    Knonye

The marriage was a success, the couple looked really happy.

 Ibukun and Prince Usinefe

wedding hall


Dressed by knonyekouture

(left to right) Char, Tina and Knonye

Day Five (Saturday)
Church wedding.

Showered, got dressed, had breakfast at the clubhouse and then headed to the Anglican Church for the wedding mass/service.

Outfit -    Knonyekouture
Shoes -   dollhouse
Purse -    Hermes

Corsage - DIVA shop in Abuja
Bracelet - random shop in Lagos

Headed back to the reception and then i met the one and only.....BANKY W!!! omg.

The invited guests went crazy and gathered round to take pictures with him.

Banky performing for the couple (Yes/No track)

There was an after wedding party later at night, party was good. Drank n danced until past midnight.

(left to right) knonye, tife, ezinne and lindsay

No service on both my phones still. *sobs* i played a game of "stack'em up' (jenga) to kill boredom but i ended up getting more bored. *sighs*.

Day six (Sunday)
The Return trip

headed back to the BUJ at 10:00hrs *whew*
My trip was really eventful and i had a lot of fun.

knonye, Lindsay.