Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Giveaway - Winner #3: Rhanti (Skater-skirt #1)

Hey guys,

Today's post is going to feature the amazing Miss Rhanti Ola, one of the  #AnkaraSkaterSkirtGiveawayWinners who sent me some pictures of her in her skirt over the weekend.

Rhanti is the CEO of D'ronque Grubs and Finger Foods and she is extremely good at what she does.

She is a friend, a client and a dedicated lady who works really hard.

Y'all can view her website HERE and her facebook page HERE to see her work and place an order for what ever meal you want. 

To view pictures of the last winner, click: HERE .

Winner:    Rhanti Ola 
Prize:       Ankara Skater Skirt #1 (Star Print)

Thanks Rhanti for sending your the beautiful pictures to us.

Leave a comment or two for inquires or whatever.

To place an order, send an email with an attachment of your order to: knonyekouture@gmail.com

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