Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blog Give-away Winners!!!

Hi everyone,

The long awaited day is here. i have been able to get some responses and I have tagged each comment on the giveaway with figures (1 - 13) to enable me do a random selection for the various items.

This is the season of sharing and giving back all the blessings received so please find the list of the winners for the giveaway and a screen shot of the tool i used for the draw below:

Here are the winners for Giveaway Skirt #1
(Giveaway Item #1 Star Print Ankara Flared Skirt)


Here are the winners for Giveaway Skirt #2
(Giveaway Item #2 Butterfly Print Ankara Flared Skirt)


Here are the winners for Giveaway Skirt #3
(Giveaway Item #3 Flower Print Ankara Flared Skirt)


I did not get any email from any one including the five referrals they made so here's how we are going to do the draw for the Grand prize: First off, i'll collate a list of the people who specifically requested for Giveaway Skirt #4 from the general requests and then do a draw.

The following people specifically requested for the Giveaway Skirt #4 in this order:

cynthiaajoku@gmail.com             1
ebeleudeozor@yahoo.com          2
richyzworld4all@yahoo.com       3

Finally, the winner of the Grand Prize (Giveaway Skirt #4) is......
Giveaway item #4 (One Item) Animal Print Flared Skirt


Congratulations to all who won and thanks to everyone who participated in this giveaway.
To the others who didn't win, hopefully you'll stand a better chance in KnonyeKouture's next Giveaway. 

I shall email the winners to get their skirts across to them and will post pictures of the winners in their skirts in the subsequent posts.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!



cynthia said...

Yipppeeeeeee I wonnnnnnn...thanx a mill @ Knonye kouture

Ebele Udeozor said...

Wow!!!!! im so so speechless, thanks a lot boo; when do i get my gift pls????

Cilia said...

Wow!!! im a winner, thanks for adding flowers to my Christmas, may Knonyekouture was stronger in the years ahead! God bless every one that made this work.Love y'all! Mwah!
When am i collecting it?

Nonye Udeozor said...

You welcome, Kindly reply my email.

Nonye Udeozor said...

You welcome, Kindly reply my email.

Nonye Udeozor said...

Amen!!! You welcome, Kindly reply my email.

tonia said...

Though I invited frnds bt I didn't add a comment cos I didn't really understand it well... Bt I guess I wil try harder nxt tym.

Nonye Udeozor said...

@Tonia; sorry about that. Just email me (knonyekouture@gmail.com) or just call me next time you don't understand aii?

Vivian said...

Yeepeeeeee i won,,,, woaaaaaa am gonna get my dream skirt!!!dancing azonto and skelewu,,,,, thks my Nonye my Khaleesi

Vivian said...

thks once again to d CEO knonyekouture for d Xmas give-away, bless u

Nonye Udeozor said...

lol @ Vivian. you welcome darling, kindly check your email and respond asap.

Nonye Udeozor said...

you are welcome hun. Just respond to the mail i sent you so as to get your prize asap. cheers and compliments of the season.