Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Giveaway - Grand Prize Winner (Giveaway Skirt #4): Ebele

Hey Fam,

Miss. Ebele Udeozor was gracious enough to let us feature her in the penultimate post on DIY: How to make a skater skirt. Find link: HERE

Some of the #AnkaraSkaterSkirtGiveawayWinners came through with their pictures as stated in the terms and conditions for entering the draw but the others are yet to respond.

The Grand Prize winner (My sister) took forever to send hers after constant reminders so i had to literally force her to get dressed and then took some pictures of her myself. lol. I hope to post pictures of the others as soon as they respond.

Winner:       Ebele Udeozor (@Shelarh: IG)
Prize:          Ankara Skater Skirt #4 (Animal Print)
Occupation: Works at IHVN, resides in Abuja.
Interests:   Cooking, Karaoke, Charity and Dancing.
Top 1:         Influence
Top 2:         Qupid
Skirt:          Knonyekouture
Neckpiece:   Random Store

Shoes:         Aldo

Ebele Udeozor

Thanks for the beautiful pictures sis.

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