Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Holiday Weekend...2

The Holiday Weekend II

We took off to Port-Harcourt City early today to rest, make our hair, fix our nails, check up on the hall decorations and attend Cindy's Bridal Shower. yippie!!!

9:8:13 – Bridal Shower (Hen night)
Old GRA – PH City
Theme: A touch of Pink/Black

Fancy cakes and masks

My sister and I.(Amaka Udeozor)

Bride Cindy; sister Cynthia and Friend Amaka.

Friends of the bride(Denye; Onyinye; Nneka; Applebum and Bride)

Friends of the Bride

Amaka and Cynthia


10:8:13 - Lamborghini Lounge - PHC

Getting set to hit the club.

Amaka; Cynthia; Knonye and Ekeoma

Amaka Udeozor

Cynthia II; Pamela; Cynthia I; Cheekarh and Knonye.

To be continued in the subsequent post…

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